School of Print is an open access screen printing facility based at 14 St James' Street, Nottingham.

We offer you the opportunity to use industry standard equipment and become part of our growing creative community. By joining the studio, you will be able to explore your own print projects through the medium of screen printing. Whether you want to print posters, fine art, clothing, homeware or accessories, the School of Print is here to facilitate your learning and get you printing.

The School of Print welcomes all capabilities. People with limited screen printing experience are encouraged to attend an introductory workshop. These sessions have been designed to teach you everything you need to know to be able to use our equipment from exposure to print! 

£75 - Group workshops, third Saturday of the month. 

£75 - Textile workshops, first Saturday of the month. 

If you are an experienced screen printer there is a £10 induction which will be carried out by one of our technicians.

After you have attended a workshop or been inducted you will have access to our member area in which you can book the equipment you want to use. 

£25 - 3 hour printing session on a print bed.   

£65 - Three, 3 hour printing sessions on a print bed within a month. 

£30 - 3 hour printing session on the T-shirt / tote bag carousel. 

£75 - Three 3 hour printing sessions on the T-shirt / tote bag carousel within a month. 

All sessions come with an hour in which you can expose your screen and an hour to break your screen down. 

Have a look at our FAQ, Email :, Phone : 0115 7841073