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Dizzy Ink is a print, publication and creative workshop studio.


We are nestled in a new creative community that is beginning to flower in Nottingham's City Centre; Cobden Place.  


We are here to educate you about print through participation, collaboration and, most importantly, plenty of ink.

Print Guide

Everything you need to know about Risograph

Dizzy Ink specialises in the alternative printing method of Risograph.

Risograph is a technology which can produce high quality prints quickly and efficiently. Our machines print colours individually in a way that is similar to screen printing. This means that we can acheive colours conventional printing methods cannot, giving your printed material the uniqueness it deserves.

Risograph is an extremely eco-friendly option for your printing, it's inks are soy-based and it uses little electricity as the machine does not heat up. We only print on FSC certified paper and card and keep a strong recycling policy. Our inks are transluscent, meaning they can be mixed when printed on top of each other to achieve further specialist colours.

Risographs use of individual inks as well as its ability to combine colours, creates its character of print; rich in texture, loud in colour and unique in aesthetic.

Here at Dizzy we print using two machines: one prints a single colour at a time, RZ 370 and the other prints two colours at once, ME 9350. 

Risograph machines make a stencil/screen from your artwork which is called a master, the master wraps itself around a cylindrical drum.

Inside each drum there sits an ink specific to the drum, i.e. our red drum contains our red ink.

Paper passes flat through the machine as the drum quickly rotates, and the ink is pushed through the master onto the paper.

We stock 12 different colours for you to experiment with.


All files are sent to the printer in either grayscale or black and white, the colours are added within the printing process.


Different opacities of black are represented as different tones of colour. The top image is how we send the file and the 'Yellow' image below is how it is printed. 



Risograph uses translucent inks which are able to mix, creating new colours.

We call this process overprinting.

This print uses three colours meaning it was designed using three seperate layers. Where the layers overlap you can see how the colours mix.

Pink + Blue = Purple
Pink + Yellow = Orange
Blue + Yellow = Green

In essence colours can be overlaid to create new ones.
To make the above print we had to put the paper back through the machine with each new layer. This process can cause mis-registration (where seperate layers don’t align).
Trapping can be applied to your artwork to reduce the chance of white space falling inbetween colours.
< without trappingwith trapping >

This overlay chart shows you how each of our inks can be printed on top of each other, creating new colours.

Please note that to really understand Risographs character we encourage you to order one of our print packs.

Please contact us with your address and we will send you a print pack.


The image to the left is created by splitting a CMYK image into the individual colour channels.

You can do this in photoshop, the files is then printed in it's individual colour layers in this cas we used yellow, flourescent pink and blue.

You can see the way the image builds up with the chart above. 



This is the same image printed using yellow, blue and red (not pink.) 

Our machines print onto A3 and to be as efficient as possible we do not print onto anything smaller.

We place all smaller material (i.e. business cards) onto an A3 document and cut them down with our finishing equiptment after printing.

We cannot print A3 full bleed (to the edge)- an 8mm border must be used when printing. We can crop your work down to make it full bleed after printing.

A3 paper size = 297 x 420 mm

Our A3 printable area = 289 x 412 mm

As riso is a wet ink process, our inks rely on paper they can soak into to dry. That said where there is heavy colour coverage the ink will struggle to be aborbed into the paper and may remain wet. This means we only print onto uncoated paper. All of our paper is either fully recycled or FSC approved.

We love to help get your project perfect, so If you require specialist paper contact us and we will be able to order some in. Our Risograph machines can print onto light 80gsm paper all the way to thick 300gsm card.

We currently stock:

Cyclus Offset

Cyclus is off white with a slight texture. We stock: 115gsm, 170gsm, 200gsm, 300gsm.

Recommended for publications, posters & flyers.

Munken Lynx

Munken Lynx Rough paper, is a purer white and is stiffer than Cyclus. We stock: 120gsm, 170gsm, 200gsm, 300gsm.

Recommended for fine art prints, book covers and business cards. 

Large areas of solid ink are not recommended, particularly around the top and the edges of the artwork.

Large areas of block ink should be dropped to an opacity of 80% or lower to prevent the paper getting stuck to the drum.

Dropping the opacity is particularly important when printing double-sided, as transfer can happen onto the reverse side.

Ink may also transfer from the rollers which carry the paper through the machine when printing more than one colour.

This transfer can cause track marks from the rollers, though we will always rub out unwanted ink on your products where we can. 

Your files need to be:

Saved as high quality JPEG, PDF or PNG files, 300dpi

Grayscale or black and white

Saved and labelled as separate files according to the colour you want them printed i.e. pink layer

The correct size you want them to be i.e. flyers must be A5/A6.

Please ensure that you supply a full colour proof of your artwork to act as a guide for us to print from

If you are making a publication please send us a mock-up of your book.


We are here to nurture, develop and grow your creative potential.

Our aim is to establish an inspired community; through workshops, one to one lessons and creative courses.

Your time with us is curated around our belief in playful experimentation and creative collaboration.

We are inviting you to explore new creative paths, meet other like minded people and most importantly to get you printing.



Saturday Print Club

Sat, 02/04/2016 -
10:00 to 17:00
, Sat, 23/04/2016 -
10:00 to 17:00


Our Saturday Print Club welcomes you to join other makers and creators through learning about the art of Risograph printing. We have designed these sessions to be a relaxed break after your busy weeks. The classes are structured for people of all abilities and aim to open up doors of creativity; our activities will be sure to leave you printing more!

Activities include:

Team Zine!

Three colour poster!

You Receive:

Copies of your Zines

Edition of 10 x 3 colour prints

A print guide so you can revise the process


We have a trunk full of materials for you to play with, however if you enjoy using a particular medium i.e. watercolour we encourage you to bring your own.

Includes refreshments. 


Evening of Print

Tue, 15/03/2016 -
19:00 to 22:00
, Tue, 29/03/2016 -
19:00 to 22:00

Our Risograph evening classes are the perfect way for you to add a bit of colour to your week.

You will develop and print your own two colour edition of work. The session will begin with print based activities, moving onto us looking working alongside you individually to produce your artwork. Artwork for this session must be created in advanced and set up ready to Risograph. If you need advice on how to do this please get in contact.

For you:

Plenty of prints from the initial activities.

An edition of 10 x 2 colour prints.

A print guide so you can revise the process.

To bring:

Artwork that is ready to be printed, split into two colours.



One - One, Print Session

Sun, 31/01/2016 -
10:00 to 15:30

If you can't get enough of that ink, our 1-1 classes are for those of you who really want to develop a specific body of Risograph work.

In each session you will have dedicated time where we will take your through the entire process, focusing specifically on your own artwork. You will produce 3 editions of 2 colour prints. You will have the chance to learn about setting files correctly through the computer as well as splitting photographs, working with opacities, colour mixture and printing technique. 

For you:

3 lots of 2 colours prints, in editions of 10.

An understanding of how to use software to set up your files.

To bring:

Artwork that you want to develop into three bodies of prints. 

The classes will run in the evening from 6-11. Please get in contact with dates that suit you! 



Dilletante & Dizzy DO DIY Publishing.

Sun, 03/04/2016 -
11:00 to 17:00

Dizzy Ink and The Dilettante Society are joining forces to present a double power special edition risograph workshop and afternoon of dilettante DIY publishing. Ignite your inspiration with some light creative exercises, learn about the art of risograph printing and make and print a zine using collage, stencils, and risograph techniques. Suitable for dilettantes, daydreamers, dabblers and absolute beginners alike. All materials provided - no talent required!


One - One, Publication Session.

Wed, 24/02/2016 -
18:00 to 23:00

If you can't get enough of that ink, our 1-1 classes are for those of you who really want to develop a specific body of Risograph work.

In our publication session we will work with you individually to produce a 16 page, A5 two colour Zine.  You will learn how to set up and create a publication; working through different software to deal with image, type and illustration. We will then print, bind and finish between 10-15 books for you to take away! 

For you:

A run of you publications. 

An understanding of how to use software to set up your files. 

To Bring:

Content for your zine with the awareness of the size of 16 pages of A5. 

An understanding of Adobe software. 

The classes will run in the evening from 6-11. Please get in contact with dates that suit you! 


We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Send us an email, complete our project planner...


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