What is Risograph?

Risograph is a unique method of printing which bridges the gap between analogue and digital production. Below is one of our Risograph printers.

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Why use Risograph?

  • Designed to be cost effective with small to medium print runs (30-10,000 copies)

  • Unique soy based ink range; exceptionally vibrant and tactile.  

  • Extremely energy efficient with minimal waste.  

How it Works

The machine is loaded with the appropriate ink drum, corresponding to the artwork. Artwork is then sent to the printer either through the flatbed scanner (like a photocopier) or via a computer. The printer then burns the artwork onto a stencil which is wrapped round the drum and ink can then pass through.


Ink Mixing

Risograph inks are translucent, meaning that they are affected by what they print onto. If inks are printed onto a coloured paper stock for example they will take on certain characteristics of the paper. The same thing happens when two inks overlap each other- they mix.


Full Colour Printing

CMYK inks are not made in Riso meaning we are able to use our own colours to replace the norm. The prints to your right are an example of each colour we use when printing our version of CMYK.


Why use us?

  • We have one of the biggest selection of inks in the UK.

  • We stock specialist ink colours such as Metallic Gold, Fluorescent Orange and Aqua.

  • We have two double drum Risograph printers, allowing us to print with more accuracy.

  • We stock a huge selection of coloured and white paper.

Our Colour range