Raw Print champions indépendant magazine publishing and the people behind such projects. Through a series of monthly live events we turn the mirror on the independent magazine industry and look at what it takes to make these publications; motivations, beginnings, design and anecdotes from inside the issues.

METAZINE is a retrospective publication covering the previous year’s worth of lectures and the speakers that shed light on the inner workings of their project. It is the spawn of a rich amalgamation of passions, all with print at the core. Raw Print’s main collaboration here with Dizzy Ink is an annual publication that oozes a love of print, independent publishing and testing the boundaries of what both of those things really mean.

Content includes 104 pages filled with speakers from the likes of:

  • Union Magazine

  • Elsie

  • Mould Map

  • Delayed Gratification

  • Mushpit

  • Contemporary Other

  • Law

  • Weapons of Reason

  • Esses

  • Icon

  • Left Lion

  • Loadestars Anthology

Risograph printed in F. Orange on GF Smith ColorPlan paper, Park Green and Lavender. Bound by custom metallic blue bolts and a hand screen printed illustrated cover by Dan Whitehouse, AKA Super Freak.

This book will be sent out the first week of July.

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