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Dizzy Ink - Risograph - Book Design
Dizzy Ink - Risograph - Book Design.jpg


“Our approach to this publication is to be curious and speculative,
prompted by the question: Are We Artists Now?

We asked everyone to submit something that they felt
responded to the question, this could be a definitive answer,
a work or text that both ponders and proposes.

Collectively, we approached this with a multiplicity of methods.
The question could be seen in numerous ways: provocative, irreverent, obvious or political. We were free to submit anything we desired to share.

Whether or not we consider ourselves artists, we are making and thinking about art. We are questionning what it means to be an artist now: does academic success make a good artist? Does the study of the subject qualify one as an artist? In this current political culture where art education seems to be under attack, what is it’s role? How do we develop as artists
outside of this institution?

We are thinking about yesterday, today and tomorrow,
what we are now and what we can become.”
Foreword of the book

Designed by Dizzy Ink
May, 2015

195 x 235mm
126 Pages

Bolt Bound
7 Colours

Cyclus 115gsm

Handscreen Printed Cover
Munken Lynx 300gsm
Stepped Leading Edge

Screw binding - Dizzy Ink - Risograph.jpg
Dizzy Ink - Risograph - Book Design.jpg
Dizzy Ink - Risograph - Book Design.jpg
Dizzy Ink - Risograph - Book Design.jpg