Dizzy Ink is a design, print and creative workshop studio based in the centre of Nottingham.. We are a small studio specialising in a range of specialist print processes; screen-printing, Mimeograph and Risograph. We use these processes as our platform to develop creative projects. Whether working on specialist book projects, designing exhibitions or developing educational programmes we work alongside our clients to deliver an exciting, refreshing approach to the creative process and print production.

We offer a refreshing approach to book design and produce beautiful objects with DIY ethos.

Environmental Impact

You’ll be thrilled to know that the Risograph process is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

  • The ink is made from rice (formerly soy) as opposed to petroleum based versions

  • Being a wet ink process the machine doesn’t need to heat up and thus uses very little electricity

  • Masters are made with natural fibres from banana leaves

  • We print on A3, reducing the waste associated with oversized stock

  • All computer screens are mercury free, helping the recycling process.

All of our papers are 100% recycled or FSC Certified.

At Dizzy Ink we are committed to doing our bit to saving the environment, we recycle all waste.

Offcuts Books are products made using material leftover from jobs and available through our shop!


Can I visit your studio?

Studio visits are appointment only and subject to busy schedules

Do you have a shop?

We have a studio in Hockley, Nottingham which you can swing by! We’re are also stocked in a couple of different places, depending on what you’re looking for we can point you in the right direction

Do you wholesale?

Yes. We can offer discounts on larger orders, more info is available directly from us, please email for an up-to-date list of items and prices.

Do you take interns?

We like/need help on loads of cool projects, if you would like to be added to our casual work FB group send us a CV and portfolio and we will add you to our casual work FB group.


Dizzy Ink




25 Hockley